Our Practice Areas

Tao Rossini focuses its practice on school and other public facilities, from the planning, funding, and design stages all the way through construction and project closeout.  The firm’s senior partners, each have over 20 years’ experience advising and representing owners and contractors in regard to preparing construction and design contracts, preparing bid documents, bid protests, construction and facilities related litigation and alternative dispute resolution, and other matters related to public facilities and public works construction projects.

We successfully help our clients navigate the complexities of resolving legal issues including:

Planning & Funding Public Works Projects

Our lawyers have assisted dozens of public entities in planning and funding public works projects, ensuring compliance with such statutes as the California Environmental Quality Act, Field Act, and Leroy F. Greene School Facilities Act.

Facilities Contracts & Business Advice

Tao Rossini’s attorneys are expert at helping public entities address their business challenges. We have years of experience in preparing innovative lease, joint occupancy, and construction services contracts, among other agreements, to meet our clients’ needs.

Construction Litigation

While we try to help our clients resolve disputes out of court, we are zealous about protecting our clients’ interests. Our attorneys are skilled litigators with years of experience arbitrating and litigating disputes arising from claims of delay, unforeseen site conditions, defective plans, and extra work.

Termination of Contractors

Although contractor termination is a difficult choice to make, when necessary, we know how to effectively terminate contractors, minimizing our clients’ potential liabilities and maximizing their opportunities to pursue damages.


False Claims

We have experience prosecuting California False Claims Act actions on behalf of public entities, obtaining substantial recoveries from bad faith actors and handling qui tam actions. When a qui tam action is frivolous, we know how to get it dismissed early before it has a disruptive impact.

Public Works Bidding and Bid Protests

Our attorneys have advised over 100 public entities in complying with the contract letting requirements in the Public Contract Code and resolving bid protests, including acting as hearing officers in bid protests when necessary.

Stop Notice, Bond, and Lien Claims

Our attorneys know how to handle stop notice, bond, and lien claims, and prevent contractors from dragging public entities into their disputes. By assertively engaging with the interested parties early on, we can limit the impact disputes between contractors and their subcontractors have on our clients’ projects.

Payment Disputes

Disputes between public entities and project contractors come in many different forms. All our partners have decades of experience representing public entities in payment disputes. We know how to respond to the myriad challenges that can arise, protecting the interests of our clients and preventing disputes from derailing their projects.

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