School and Other Public Facilities, Public Works Construction, Contracts, and Business Advice

Tao Rossini focuses its practice on school and other public facilities, from the planning, funding, and design stages all the way through construction and project closeout.  The firm’s two senior partners, Terry Tao and Joseph Rossini, have over 50 years’ combined experience advising and representing owners and contractors in regard to preparing construction and design contracts, bid documents, litigation, alternative dispute resolution, and other matters related to public facilities and public works construction projects.

We successfully help our clients navigate the complexities of resolving legal issues including:

  • Planning and funding public facilities projects
  • Public works bidding and bid protests
  • Disputes and litigation arising from claims of delay, unforeseen site conditions, defective plans, and extra work related to the construction of public works projects
  • Stop notice, bond, and lien claims
  • Termination of contractors
  • Payment disputes
  • False Claims
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