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We recognize construction problems, their genesis and how to resolve the disputes. We have experience with the Division of State Architect, Office of Public School Construction, State Allocation Board, and many other local and state government agencies.

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Our senior partners each have over 20 years’ experience focusing on all aspects of facilities and construction for school districts and other public entities, public works contractors, and design professionals.

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We have worked with many of the school districts in Southern California in all aspects of construction, business, State funding, and advocacy. Industries: Construction, Public Works, Educational Agencies, Public Agencies, State Funding, and Environmental.

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2022 Bid Threshold Annual Adjustment for K-12 School District Contracts

In December 2021, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction released its annual update to the bid threshold set forth under Public Contract Code section 20111(a). Section 20111 provides a maximum limit for many types of contracts K-12 school districts may enter...

School Impact Fees—How do California’s New Housing Laws Affect School Districts?

To spur housing construction and address California’s chronic housing shortage, the California Legislature enacted two new housing laws in 2021, Senate Bills (SB) 9 and 10.  Since additional housing generates additional students, there will inevitably be increased...

Earthquake Safety—Would Your Buildings Withstand a Major Earthquake?

In the aftermath of the Surfside tragedy in Florida, we have received multiple inquiries from school districts regarding how their buildings would fare in a major earthquake. Notwithstanding the Field Act—which has required that school buildings be built to withstand...

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